micromax a26 bolt smartphone aa battery emergency travel charger and re charger. new lifetime brushed aluminum housing!

Micromax A26 Bolt Smartphone AA Battery Emergency Travel Charger and Re-Charger. New lifetime brushed aluminum housing! Fortunately which you can use branded power finance institutions to advertise your brand by handing those to customers or even employees. There are so many reasons as to why the power finance institutions make a few of the most functional promotional items in the world of business today.They are functional - This is in the sense they can be used to recharge or power up smartphones, tablets, music devices, personal computers, calculators and even organizers among others. Most have multiple sockets that you can connect in virtually any device and even get to charge more than one at the same time. They make amazing staff gift ideas and can be used as get together favors too apart from being used as promotional items.These are popular - Everyone who possesses a mobile device today knows about the power bankers. Custom power bankers therefore make very practical gifts that everyone will love to have. They can be items you can be sure will serve their intended goal in exposing your brand and enhancing your reliability because they indeed will be used. A clearly displayed emblem will therefore fetch you brand impressions frequently.They are simply durable - Unlike promotional items such as pens that only provide the purpose until the ink operates out, power bankers offer longer retention because they are durable and serve the needs of the users for a long period. The personalized ability banking institutions will therefore enhance your brand presence and reliability for an extended period of time making an enormous difference for your business.They are handy - Apart from being trendy, they may be light. They make circulation easy, whether you choose to present them in Tradeshows, as mailer gift items or as store purchase gift items. Their sleek, small designs also make them easy for the users to transport and use. They are able to easily fit into handbags and backpacks so going executives and business specialists have a less strenuous time taking care of their electric power issues.They are very beneficial because they get rid of the frustrations of low batteries when there may be need to use the device the most. They can be used practically everywhere be it any office, home or on the run. In addition they make very good options when blackouts hit. You can modify them by imprinting your enterprise tagline or emblem to make sure they are powerful promotional items. A personalized power bank can also make an impressive gift to a particular customer, employee or perhaps a loved one.

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  • Unlimited uses and recharges, never be left without power again!
  • Lifetime emergency charger runs on a single AA Alkaline, Rechargeable, or Lithium battery (not included).
  • Juice up any battery in minutes, using as many AA batteries as needed.
  • This small emergency cell phone charger is also great for those on the road or traveling.
  • Use this universal charger for travelling overseas, or as a portable and compact backup.